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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cardio equipment work out ideas:

If I go to the gym and there is not a class on that I like or can go to, I really hate being lost for ideas of what to do with all the equipment. Yes, I have a program - but it really just says 20min treadmill / 15 min bike / 10 min rower / 15 min cross trainer... BORING!!! Having variety in your workouts is heaps more motivational than doing the same old boring thing; and I know personally if someone gives me a workout idea for the cardio machines I actually look forward to trying it out and doing something different!! (Not just because I like to compete either - most of the times I am WORSE than the person giving it to me!! I spend most of my time at the gym trying to catch up to people!!) Most of the cardio machines have their own programs which can be fun to play around with (and yes - I realise I used the word "fun" - and yes, I realise that is very sad!!)... BUT, here are some other ideas for people to go try if they feel like a change!! These are just some idea's I have gathered from both the internet and also other people at the gym.

Cross Trainer.
2.5 min - (Comfortable) eg 6
1.5 min - (Uncomfortable) eg 9
1 min - (Need to stop soon) eg 12
Repeat this a couple of times depending on how long you want to stay on it.. (Choose your own levels based on what you find comfortable!)
NB: Try and keep your speed consistent throughout all the levels. (Don't slow down when it gets hard!!)

Step machine.
1 min each at levels 7/8/9/10/9/8/7/8/9/10 or your equivalent level. (Just go up and down in the same increments of one).

15-20 min of:
8 sec sprint
12 sec recovery
(Spin bikes are best to do this on, otherwise put a bit of resistance on the other ones so it catches quickly when you stop sprinting).

Pyramid runs:
Warm-up jog for 5 minutes. E.g. Speed 8.
Go hard (a bit faster than your average pace) for 5 minutes. E.g. 9.5
Sprint for 30 seconds. E.g. 12.5
Go hard for 1 minute. E.g. 9.5
Sprint for 45 seconds. E.g. 12.5
Recovery jog for 1.5 minutes. E.g. 8
Sprint for 1 minute. E.g. 12.5
Recovery jog for 2 minutes. E.g. 8
Go hard for 45 seconds. E.g. 9.5
Recovery jog for 2 minutes. E.g. 8
Go hard for 30 seconds. E.g. 9.5
Cool-down jog for 10 minutes.

NB: Use your own speeds (you know what will challenge you!!) - they are just an example of the speeds you could try.

Got this from the women's health magazine:

Walk/Jog/Run OR Jog/Run/Sprint.
Do some interval training of a minute of each of these. Just keep repeating the sequence till you do the amount of time you wanted to!!
E.g. Speed 6 / 8 / 10 / 6 / 8 / 10 etc OR Speed 8 / 10 / 12 / 8 /10 / 12 etc


Sprints: 500m sprint/500m recovery. (From memory: 500m under 2min is a good aim. 1min 30sec is elite).

Distance: Try and get 2000m in under 10 min. (8 min is good/6.5 min is elite).

NB: Google indoor rowing technique and watch a video. The speed in the rower is a lot to do with the length of the stroke using the arms. (Especially if you have short legs like me). Leaning back and forward from the hips will get you more length and therefore more speed!! (But you can do it wrong - so Google it!!)

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