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Monday, September 13, 2010

Why I am writing this blog and doing 12WBT.

Recently I have joined Michelle Bridges 12WBT. I am looking forward to the kick in the butt that the 12WBT promises to be! (And it's already started - got a butt kicking today from a message Mish put in the forum about something I should have done but haven't!!)

One of her pre-season recommendations is to write a blog and I think reflecting on the whole weight loss journey is going to be helpful. The journey began in Feb this year (2010) and since then I have currently lost 33.5kg!! YAY!! Still got at least 8.5kg to go and am going to do that with this 12WBT. Not all that comfortable with putting myself 'out there' so to speak - but I am sure there are people out there who can relate to the journey!!

I have noticed the food side has been slipping a little lately - I haven't been as organised as I could have been with meals and consequently haven't made the wisest food choices... Still been ok but I am looking forward to some new recepies and idea's on 12WBT.

A couple of weeks ago I had the WORST evening with my kids, (husband was working late) they were having major punch on's, answering me back, totally doing everything and more that I told them not too.. it was HORRIBLE!!! And do you know what I did?? Something I had not done for MONTHS!! I went into the kitchen, closed the doors, let them kill each other and cracked open a packet of rice crackers and ate half a packet!! What's that I hear you say?? Thank goodness I picked rice crackers and thank goodness I only ate half the pack - THAT'S NOT THE POINT!! But - I am hearing you and I was glad about that too.. Minimal damage!! The point is I haven't nailed the emotional eating side of things - which caused my problems in the first place!! I was a little freaked out to discover that about myself which is another reason why I joined 12WBT. Michelle is always on about stuff with the mind - so I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say on the subject!!

I see and speak to so many people struggling with something weight loss or exercise related and most of the time I have been there!! People tell me now they won't come to the gym with me because they don't think they could keep up with me (which is a load of ... because I really am not that fit yet!!!) BUT I think they forget - I was where they are if not WORSE only 6 months ago!! I like remembering and sharing things I have found helpful to get me this far and in keeping this blog - perhaps someone else will also find them helpful. So, I am going to share thoughts, resources and articles I have found helpful.

I truly believe and am deadly serous: If I can do this - ANYONE can!!!

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