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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Encouraging Fitness Test Results.

ME 7 months ago
I recently did a fitness test for the 12WBT and I was really excited with the results! Especially given that 7 months ago I had problems walking to the red post box..!!

There was a 1km run outside, wall squat for as long as you can, amount of push-ups you can do in a minute, a flexibility test, and a test to see which level of sit ups you were up to.
The three levels in the 12WBT are beginner, intermediate and advanced.

1km running outside takes me about 6min which scored intermediate level. (Advanced is below 5min30sec).

Wall Squat

I wall squatted for 3min (anything over 2min is advanced). If I was actually competing with someone I would have pushed out a bit more time - it is SO no fun competing with yourself.

I did 42 push-ups in a minute on my knees (anything over 30 is advanced). I probably could have done more here too but my husband was trying to be encouraging and I had to stop and tell him to be quiet a few times because he was distracting me!!!

I got +7 in the flexibility test (anything over +6 is advanced).

The ab test was one which surprised me and I really didn't do very well!! There were 5 levels and I could only do level 2 properly!! (Level 2-3 was intermediate). I really shouldn't be surprised though - my hate/hate relationship with yoga/pilaties type classes really would not help!!

So, 7 months ago I thought I was going to die walking for 30min.... and now apparently I have an intermediate-advanced level of fitness!! I look forward to doing it again in a few weeks when I've got something to compete with (even if it is my own times!!) :-) It amazes me how quickly the body adapts to what you want it to do...
Doing the Happy Dance

I also recently checked out my resting heart rate. I did it about a month ago and it was around 62 which I was happy enough with. Last night and this morning I put the heart rate monitor on for a min and checked it out again... This morning it was going between 53-57bpm!! Woo Hoo... :-) So, an average of 55!!  I have got-ten fit-ter.... I have got-ten fit-ter.... Do dah... Do dah.... *Insert happy dance*...

According to this - I am actually kind of fit-ish!!! Really?? Seriously?? I don't feel that fit - but the figures make me feel good anyway. Perhaps I hang around to many people at the gym who are fitness fanatics - because compared to them I am SO not that fit!!! (I'm not really a competitive freak.... Noooooo... me?? LOL Amazing what you discover about yourself!!) It's good to continue to be pushed!!

SO excited! YAY! When I see these sorts of changes it really makes me WANT to go to the gym and tell the PT's... "Please, kill me MORE!!" BAHAhahahaha......