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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Throwing out fat clothes.


I have been tempted to keep my "fat" clothes even now I have lost the weight "just in case". I hate to even think I might ever regain my weight, but if I did, and I had thrown away my clothes I'd have nothing to wear! There's a fair amount of money represented in my fat clothes pile - to go buy it all again would be SO expensive!! However, then I realised I would rather go naked in public than ever buy clothes in my fat size again. And since I am not inclined to walk around the streets naked - It has to stay off!! (Or else the people in Melbourne are going to get an eyeful!!)  So, the clothes throwing has begun.

I pretty much opened my wardrobe and gutted the whole thing!! I now own about 3 pairs of pants which fit, perhaps a half a dozen jumpers, a few shirts, and gym pants and tops!! My wardrobe is EMPTY!!

My husband is ecstatic - over the moon - dancing around the room kind of happy!! (He LOVES chucking things out!! When we went to buy our first house together the bank asked for the last 5 years tax papers only to find that he had chucked his out!!) Although, I must admit - when I mentioned the fact I would need to fill the wardrobe again - he was not so excited!! Hahaha!!

Me? I am a little freaked. I say the clothes throwing has begun because I just can't do everything right now!! So have put the size 16's in a suitcase to be thrown out soon. I don't actually own any 14's so this is the next size up I own... I will do it - just not now!!  I am still having problems believing I am in size 12 jeans - perhaps when I get my head around that the 16's can go!! :-)

The clothes throwing is going to be a good motivation to keep the weight off - (well, I hope it will anyway!!) nakedness will not be attractive.



  1. Fantastic!
    You must be so proud of yourself and what you're achieving

  2. That is so cool. And scary. And liberating. I can't wait to do what you are doing.

    Have fun refilling the wardrobe :)

  3. Just fabulous! Well done - this is so motivational to see right now. You deserve a whole new wardrobe of clothes - for sure!

  4. I did indeed have fun re-filling the wardrobe.. Although - it's going to take some time (and money) to replace the gigantic pile I threw out!! LOL!
    Hope you are all that bit closer to being to where you want to be! Keep going and you will get there.