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Friday, September 17, 2010

Size 10-12 clothes... SO EXCITED!!!

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Sept 2010

My size 16 pants looking were really baggy and it was not a good look, so I went shopping to buy some size 14's... I walked around and picked up all the various size 14 jeans, and when I say ALL - I mean ALL. I am not a huge fan of clothes shopping, so I want to get in and get out as quick as possible. Pick up all the different possibilities, try them on, pick which ones fit best and get out!! So, loaded up with about 20 (no joke) pairs of pants and a couple of tops I dragged my wonderful friend to the change rooms to begin the marathon changing event. After the first couple of pairs of jeans my friend said that 14's were looking to big and perhaps I should try the 12's... "Noooo - surely not" I said and preceded to finish trying on all the rest of the 14's... (Meanwhile - she went off and found some 12's)... When I had conceded that she might have a point I tried on the 12's .. they were a little tight - but they fit me!!! Oh my goodness!!! Next came the gym pants... I had picked up all size 12's of these - which I begun trying on and discovered that they were too big too!! So - my brilliant friend went and once more gathered all of the one's I had picked in the size 10's!! And amazingly THEY FIT TOO!! I am in shock!! The tops I had to go get a smaller size too!!
Anyway, I think it is going to take me a while to believe that I am in those sizes. I don't think I have been those sizes since high school!!!


  1. wow well done!!!!! that is excellent and you look so healthy and happy :D