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Friday, September 17, 2010

Some workout ideas: PT yesterday and Anne today.

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I had a different PT yesterday than usual... Oh my goodness!! Good but HARD!! I was very surprised because at one stage I really felt like crap and a little light headed. I must have looked bad because she stopped asked me if I was ok! Out loud I said, "Getting a little tired." (But inside I was thinking - "Are you serious?? Crap me!! How much more to ...go!!") Can't quite remember how I did the rest of it, bit of a blur - but it's all good!! She's great. I am curious to know why both PT's and class instructors ask if you are going ok right in the middle of the session. What does that mean exactly?? Who is ok in the middle of a hard PT session or class?? Most people are tired, they hurt, sometimes find it hard to breath and think they are going to die... "Ok" to me is not tired, not in pain and able to breath without difficulty. So I really am never really "ok" right at that moment... But that is how it should be!!! How to answer that question?? (While gasping for breath and thinking you are going to die). I asked this on Facebook and the answer I got (from a PT and class instructor) was they just like to get a nod so they can keep killing us!! So - the answer - NOD AND SMILE PEOPLE!! Ok - skip the smile - Maybe a thumbs up??

Step up/Knee Raise

I got some good ideas out of yesterdays PT session though - for all you other sadists out there who like to punish yourselves. After I finished my warm-up "easy jog" (see earlier post) she led me to the bench (where you lie down to do chest presses - a park bench would work) and got me doing:
Step up/ 1 knee raise + 1 lunge
Step up/ 2 knee raises + 1 lunge
Step up/ 3 knee raises + 1 lunge
all the way up to 10... THEN SWAP LEGS !!
KILLED my legs!! Then at the end she says: "Ok, that was the warm-up"!!
Tip: In between each knee raise, touch the foot that is doing the raising on the ground. The foot on the bench does not move until you step down to lunge.


Then the rest of the time was doing super setting with weights - but she did 2 exercises of the same muscle group. Eg. So with the lat pull-down - we did wide grip then reverse grip straight away - no rest... OR Chest fly's followed by presses.. no rest!! KILLER!!


As I have already mentioned I train with another lady from the gym I go to and I am SO excited to say that today it was my turn to write the program and she looked DEAD after it.. (As did I - but I USUSALLY look like that!!) I even got a few Oww's out of her - which is unusual because she really is quite fit!! YEAH!! I now know what PT's feel like when they see their clients suffering. It was a proud moment!! :-) All my husband said was, "watch out next week when it's her turn!!" BAhahaha!! Well - she killed me last week!!
It's all thanks to the 12WBT though. I got heaps of idea's off the forums there, and I did Mish's rolling interval program on the treadmill with her. So, I can't really take any credit! BUT - It was great to say "Fast as you can - Go FASTER!!" and "No resting - keep kicking!!"

Jump Squat
A couple of things I got off the forums which we did were:
Run down and up a staircase + 1 jumpsquat
Run down and up the staircase + 2 jumpsquats
Run down and up the staircase + 3 jumpsquats
All the way up to 10 jumpsquats.. (Let me just say after running up hills and doing sprints this HURT!!)

25 Lunges (each leg)
25 sit ups
25 tricep dips
25 Burpees
25 knee repeaters (both legs)
20 Lunges (each leg)
20 sit ups
20 tricep dips
20 Burpees
20 knee repeaters (both legs)
Then 15 and 10... All the way down to 5...

Then some boxing:
Jab Jab Cross 1 Kick
Jab Jab Cross 2 Kicks
Jab Jab Cross 3 Kicks
All the way to 10 kicks (then do the other leg).
Swap equipment with your partner so they do the same
Jab Jab Cross Kick 1 Pushup
Jab Jab Cross Kick 2 Pushups
Jab Jab Cross Kick 3 Pushups
All the way to 10 pushups
Swap equipment with your partner so they do the same
By the end of all this. OUCH!

Feel free to ask me if you want to know what something is!! Or use google. I LOVE GOOGLE!!

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