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Monday, December 6, 2010

10km Sussan fun run.

Sorry there is no photos yet!!  I will add them when they come out and I get them... LOL!

10km in 60min 29sec!! Oh my goodness... Especially after boot camp the day before.

I finished the boot camp extremely worried about how I was going to pull the run off... The boot camp was SERIOUSLY hard work and I was so tired and I actually hurt!! When you already hurt in the evening you know it's not going to be good for the next day... LOL! I didn't sleep well because I had fallen asleep for 2 hours that afternoon/evening and I kept waking up with sore legs and butt... and the cuts on my arms from the commando crawling hurt me!! On top of the fact that I had to get up at 5am and I was worried I would not wake up!! LOL!
Anyway... I did not think I was going to be able to run very well at all!! But - as per usual I smashed my own expectations of myself!! I had hoped to run the 10km in 65min but I would have been happy under 70min.
I ran it in 60min 29sec!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!! WOO HOO!! I was SO relieved for it to be done and to have a good time!

And to top it off the pace was a PB!! 6min03sec per kilometre!! Bahahaha!! That is SO funny!! Perhaps I should do a boot camp before the runs in the future!! LOL!

My thought for the day was: I just have to suck it up for 1 hour... That is NOTHING compared to yesterdays 6 HOURS!! I can do one more hour!! Even when I was running - when I got to the 5km mark, I was saying to myself..."Only half and hour more - you can do half an hour... EASY!!" And then at the 8km mark, "Only 12-15min to go - you can do that... that's only 3-4 more songs!!" Hahahaha!!
WOO HOO!! I was SO excited to finish - especially with that time!

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