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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BLC photo shoot.

Well, I had yet another exciting trip up to Sydney and back... This time just for the day!! Hehehe...

It was very interesting, very eye opening but a FUN day in Sydney!! The biggest looser club asked me to go do a photo shoot with them so they could use me in part of their advertising on their website come the new year... BAHAHAHAhahaha!!! Me? I used to avoid the camera like the absolute plague... I still am not all that fond of being in front of it - but given reflection in the picture is about 10 sizes smaller I can handle it much better! LOL! I had to give them all my measurements, sizes, hair colour, colouring etc so the stylist could get some clothes together before I got there. And I had to go get my nails done the day before.... It was all very exciting!! WOO! I had never got a plane by myself before so that was a bit scary... but I managed not to get lost...

Given how up close and personal we had been all
day I got a picture with the styalist...
Claire (left), Styalist (middle), Me (right)

The day was fun but I discovered that this photo business is SERIOUSLY hard work!! There are only so many hours I can produce a genuine looking smile and find things to amuse myself and laugh at... I think it is capped at about 5 hours.

Smile... more energy... turn your upper body a little more... can we have someone fix her hair.... angle your leg this way... no keep your foot there... put your right arm here... not so much, a little less... ok - now smile!! ok - now smile with more energy!! Umm... Seriously??

The funniest part would be either being told to jump slower on the trampoline (because we can control how fast the springs bounce us up!!), while doing the Toyota legs up, one arm in the air thing.. But don't put your legs too far up behind you... and bend your elbows a bit more... and while you are in the air remembering all this - smile at the camera... and act natural and have fun... and don't fall off the trampoline!!

Or the weirdest part was dancing to a Madonna song with 5 people just standing there giving you directions on how to dance for the camera... bit more hips... feet closer together... arms over that direction... but look natural and dance like you are having fun.. even though we are all watching you. Whoops! Lost those fake boobies!! Need to fix the boobs... hmm... weird...
And with the hair / make-up lady. She was SO good...
looked after me she did!!
All I can say is: good thing I am not the sensitive type!! My hair is too thin and cut wrong, my boobs are too small, my shoulders are too wide... and of course, that's before we even get to the tan lines and wrinkles... HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Moral of the story - NEVER BE A MODEL!! No wonder they have complex's about their bodies!! LOL! Funny enough - they all told me how beautiful I looked - then they would turn to each other and have a conversation...
"Can someone fix her hair" (producer)
"I tried to give it more body" (hair/make-up lady)
"Yeah, she's got really thin hair" (photo man)
"You can fix that though" (producer to the photo man)
... me standing there... seriously?? HELLO??!!! LOL!!

I did get a look at their photo's though and I seriously had to look twice to recognise myself - they are amazing!!
I took a couple with my camera after it was finished... I've got my clothes on again - but you can see the idea the had with my hair / make-up etc.. Looking forward to seeing what they will do with the ones they took come the new year!!

Added in Feb 2011
I am in their home page video!! Hehehehe

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