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Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend with the 12WBT girls!!

(Up) Breaky at the Bayview!
(Right) Walking to the Pain
which was going to be in the

Seriously amazing weekend away... Saturday in particular was one of the best days of my life I reckon!! It was SO cool meeting up with people in person; some for the first time and some for the second!! Staying in the same hotel as a dozen of the other girls was the BEST idea. Caching up with them over breaky, lunch and then again at the party was so good for getting to know them and it was FUN!! Especially with the table of home and away stars behind us - pity I didn't recognise the guy when he was speaking to me at the breakfast bar... WHOOPS! (I did think they looked familiar though!!) Bahahaha!! Was great to put names to faces - I really suck at trying to remember names so meeting up with people a few times over the weekend over meals was probably very helpful!!

Not to have to worry about directions and where I was going was wonderful. I was either travelling around with Jo (who is from Sydney), or the girls (who being the little energizer bunnies they are had already been out exploring!!) Happy to be a follower - THANKS GUYS!! Much less stressful. LOL!

The girls that I caught up with, even the ones I was just meeting in person for the first time.... they have been such an important part of my journey to getting fit and healthy. Even though I might have only just met them - I seriously felt like I knew them already!! They have been SO encouraging and motivating over the time and I really look forward to keeping up with them... And the ones who live in Victoria - I look forward to doing some other crazy, different fitness stuff with... Boot camps, fun runs, kayaking, rock climbing... BRING IT ON LADIES!! LOL!

On the other side though - It was a little weird to have people come up, introduce themselves and already know me... Hehehehe... That's what you get for being so into facebook... LOL! Seriously, it was great - loved it!

Big thanks to Talia for helping me with my make-up crisis... Nothing like finishing up at the hairdressers at 4:45pm when you have to be in the lobby dressed and ready to go at 5:15pm!! LOL!

It was really nice to get all dressed up... Have not done that for a long time - and I especially haven't done it and felt good about the way I looked for an even longer time!! The sunburn/tan lines were a bit of a bummer - but it was ok because SO many people ended up with them after the workout that morning!! I loved the dress - even more so because it was an absolute bargain when I brought it!! LOL! The shoes really were not that uncomfortable - which was GREAT because I have not worn heels for AGES!!

Speaking to Mish was awesome - she is SUCH an amazing lady. Really inspirational - and she really does actually give a crap which is nice... I watched her for a little while and she did such a fantastic job of giving people her full attention and making them feel worthwhile and good about themselves. She is very passionate about what she is doing and really puts herself into it. Amazing lady.

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