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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Emazon training.

Well, after seeing Emazon train the contestants on the biggest loser T.V show, I must admit to being a little scared as to what to expect. But I was crazy enough to be looking forward to it and excited about doing something different!! LOL!

The training program I went to was called, "Stand your ground", and it was all about protecting your personal bubble. Your personal bubble can be physical, verbal, or emotional... If you don't invite someone into your bubble, then they have no right to be there, and it's up to you to protect your bubble. We did this drill where the person holding the pads got really close to you and smacked into you with the pads... I was really surprised at how I cowered away! I really didn't think I would have a bubble - I am pretty easy going and open to people being up close and direct... But I HAVE A BUBBLE!! Hahahaha... While the person was smacking into you, the idea was that you punch the pad when they hold it in the air as quick as possible. The idea being that when your bubble is invaded in whatever sense, you keep your eyes open, face it head on and smack it out. After a bit of practise I was able to ignore the person in my face, smacking me and aim for the pad and punch it as soon as it appeared.

We also learnt a bit of street fighting technique... Things like if someone ends up to close to you that you cant punch them - use your elbow and break their nose!! That was cool to practise!

Emazon was talking about how everyone has 2 different people inside them and both in everyday life but also in training people usually present one of these people to everyone. She showed us an example of how in a boxing class someone will be just going through the motions of the Jab / Jab / Cross etc... Then she showed us the example of someone who brings that other person out and puts everything into their training and the punch looks very different. So much more focus and effort is put in.

There was one stage when we were practising the nose breaking elbow... and I must have not been really paying much attention to what I was doing. Emazon came over and said, "There is something wrong when you don't even have to look at what you are elbowing"... So, she got Jo to put the pads down and just bring them up every so often and I had to elbow it as hard and quick as I could. It was cool - required heaps more concentration and focus.

To prove that everyone had what it takes to protect their bubbles inside them, she made us blind and got us to punch the pads our partners were holding. Amazingly, I punched the pad every single time - even not being able to see!! So did Jo (and pretty much everyone else!!) How does that work!! Cool huh..

Well worth doing!! Apparently she comes to Melbourne to do workshops all the time - be great to go to another when she comes!

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