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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This running business is DANGEROUS!!

Had a few "situations" lately while out running with Anne!! LOL! One involves a dog, another an irate Indian man, another a reversing car and lastly there is the person who was hanging out their window while driving past!!

The dog.
I was running along with Anne, who was a couple of meters in front of me when a little, but very angry ball of fluff came charging at me from their driveway. It was growling and barking and looked scary!! I was not thinking at the time that it was actually probably big enough (or should I say small enough) to kick out of the way if it came for my legs!! Nope - I just saw it's teeth and heard it's growl and I was off!! Two bounds and I was grabbing hold of Anne's arm and dragging her along faster - probably saying something incomprehensible like "dog! eekk! dog!" Either we outran the dog, or the dog gave up when it realised I wasn't going to trespass!! All I can say is "keep your nasty dogs tied up people!! Next time I won't forget about my shoe being a similar size to your dog!!" Sheesh... as if my heart rate needed ANY elevating!! Seriously! LOL!

The angry man.
On this occasion Anne was a few meters behind me... an Indian man walked straight out of his driveway across the footpath almost straight into me!! I had to dodge him to not run him over.. I just said "Sorry!!" and kept on running (as you do). He threw his hands up into the air and was saying something which didn't sound good (by the tone of his voice) in Indian. I thought maybe he just got a fright (as did I!!) and shrugged and kept running... But, poor Anne who was running behind me copped an earful (all in Indian) and many arm gestures!! BAhahahaha!! Whoops!! Sorry Anne!! LOL! Mate, next time you want to walk across the footpath - look both ways!!!

The reversing car.
This I did not see, Anne was behind me ... lucky she was not totally zoned out (like I am!!) She noticed a car reversing and thought she would slow her running down just in case they did not stop - which they didn't!! Lucky she was on the ball ... ME? I would have gotten taken RIGHT out!! I can't multi-task that well and breathing is kind of high on my priority while running... Hehehehe...

The person hanging out their car window.
Can I just say; if you drive past me and toot, beep, yell, scream, whoop, or anything else to draw my attention to you - PLEASE message me and tell me you saw me running!! Otherwise I am going to spend the rest of my life wondering who that was who half hung out their car window and whooped as they drove past!! But whoever you were - thanks for that!! Just what I needed - as I was probably up to about 8km out of 10km and was starting to have thoughts of walking!! LOL! Your entertainment kept me running! LOL! Hahahaha!! Much appreciated.
BTW: the danger here was to them not to me! LOL!


  1. Hey!

    I’m writing a silly article for this host called Newscastic about the differences between Fort Collins and Laramie, and I was wondering if I could get your permission to use your photo of the girl hanging out of the window?

    Thank you for your help!
    Erin Rooney