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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chin up's - Proof for Trav!!

I have had a goal of being able to do a chin-up for MONTHS!! Recently I figured out (while at the park with my kids) that a narrow grip is heaps easier than a wide grip!! Nothing like kicking your kids off the monkey bars so you can play!! LOL!!
When I first mentioned the goal of doing a chin up to my husband, his response was something like, "Girls can't do chin-ups, they just don't have the upper body strength. If you can do a chin up then I will go on a half an hour run with you!" Hehehehe!! GUESS WHAT!! I am now looking forward to that run! LOL!
I know they are FAR from perfect!! Too much swing happening, didn't come down enough in between them, the frog leg thing at the end needs to go... But - I am excited to be able to MOVE in an upward direction!! Previously, I would hang from the bar and try and move even a fraction up.... and just hang from the bar!!! Hahahaha!! YAY!

While I was there with the camera I thought I'd play with the 17.5kg dumbbells... LOL... Good thing I ran out of time - who knows what else would have gotten filmed!! LOL! Mental Note: don't take video camera into gym again.... Hahahahaha!!

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