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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Boot Camp.

There were drills with the kettleballs... between our legs, above our heads, push ups on it, sit ups with it... Phew...I had never used a kettleball before - and let me say when you have been working out for a few hours already they become slippery little suckers!! I was a little worried I was going to hurl it at the trainer (accidently of course!! LOL).

We were commando crawling through slime and stinky mud... on our fronts and on our backs... When we were finished our crawl we had to go back and drag someone else over the line... I got a heap of cuts on my arms and back from the grass - they stung every time I got sweat in them - which was the ENTIRE time!!

Am I actually moving
forward here??

We carried a couple of stretchers piled high with tyres and a slab of water up massive hills and stairs. And every so often we had to set it down and do some hill sprints (just in case our heart rate was not up enough, LOL). One of the hills in particular I was running up I turned to the person next to me and asked if I was moving forward!! It seriously felt like I was not going anywhere!! But I made it to the top - so I must have been moving forwards!! Hahahaha!!

I did the one before this one...
All the way UP the staircase!!

And up the hills

Pull the tyre around the grass athletics track running forwards, running backwards, sprinting then walking with it....

Squat and press sandbags: 5 times (touch the sandbag to the ground and push it above your head) / Run to the other side
6 times / Run  
all the way to 10....

Partnered sit ups, push ups and squats slapping hands in between each rep...

One person lies down on their back holding onto the other persons ankles. The other person makes a basket ball hoop with their hands. The person on their back has to bring their legs up and through the hoop and then back down almost to the ground 30 times. OUCH!

2 teams.
First person runs a short distance away and curls up in a ball on the round.
Second person jumps over them and runs a short distance and does a bit of a down dog and makes a bridge.
Third person runs, jumps the rock goes through the bridge, runs a short distance and makes another rock... etc..
When all the people have gone the first person jumps up and goes over rocks and under bridges to the end and makes another rock etc..

Many, many different combinations of boxing stuff all for 2 min each a couple of times over (20 sec break in between). Below is just an example of the kind of stuff... the numbers may be off - I was a little delirious while doing these drills. This was hour number 5 out of 6 I think.

20 punches
4 jump squats
20 punches
4 push ups

10 punches
1 drop (bit like a burpee, your tummy goes to the ground and then you jump to your feet)
10 punches
1 drop

20 punches
20 hammer punches (on your knees, punch the bag with both fists above your head as high as you can)
20 punches while running on the spot
20 single hammer punches (same but one hand at a time - fast as possable)

10 punches
2 push ups
10 mountain climbers
4 star jumps

Another drill using the big boxing pad thingies we had 4 exercises and we had to do some of each (think it was 20) for a couple of minutes a few times over.. The exercises were:
1. Stand with your feet either side of the pad, lean over and punch into it.
2. Put your hands on the pad and knee into it - looked a little like mountain climbers.
3. Kneel on the pad and hammer into it. Raise your fists above your head and smack it down into the pad.
4. Crunches.

We did partnered ones too:

One person kicks 10 times one leg and 10 times the other. (The other holds the big pad).
The other person does the same.
One person kicks 9 times one leg and 9 times the other.
etc all the way to 1.

One person does 50 high knees into the pad the other is holding.
The other person does the same.
One person does 40 high knees into the pad the other is holding.
The other person does the same.

And with the small pads:
4 C & J / 4 Upper cuts (over and over and over)
J / C / J / C / Knee / Knee (over and over)
Jab / Cross / Jab / Cross / Duck / Duck / Jab / Cross / Elbow (over and over)

Yep - that last one did my head in!! I was that out of it by this stage I was having serious problems figuring out what my left and right was!! So was the lady I was with... LOL. Not a good combination! Hahaha... At one stage the guy comes over and says to her "Left!! Left!! Do you know where your fr#$ing left hand is!!!"  He turns to me and says "can't you tell her where left is??" I said, "nope!! I can't figure it out!!" Hahahaha!!!

Black and Yellow spots were
flying around me!!
I thought it was great fun and enjoyed it... for the first 4 hours!! LOL! The last 2 were such hard work!! I was absolutely STUFFED and I was starting to see little black and yellow dots flying past me every so often... Hahahaha!! 2500 calories burnt for the day which was VERY cool!!
I was SOoooo tired when I got home though. I laid down just rest and ended up falling asleep for 2 hours! Oops! I must admit - the day was certainly good for the ego... certainly put me back in my place!! LOL... I left the day with the realisation that I really am NOT that fit!! Hahahaha!! There are some seriously fit girls out there!!
But still, thinking about where I have come from I am pretty amazed that my body puts up with what I make it do!! LOL!

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