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Monday, December 13, 2010

The workout with the 12WBT people!

We were split into 3 groups. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. I was in the advanced group and I reckon there was about 25 of us. There were 3 sections to the training. One section was with a couple of S.A.S army guys, one section was with Mish, and another with Amelia (think she is a PT friend of Mish's).

Who else fails at aerobics??
Yes... we were running with our
hands on our butts...
Concentrating on using our glutes!!

Amelia focused mainly on running drills. Lots and LOTS of sprints!! Interspersed with heels kicking butt, high knees, bounding long strides, side running, side stepping etc... With the side running - it really reminded me of one continuous grapevine... I surprised myself in that I actually could do it - I suck and co-ordination stuff!! I was having a laugh asking for a show of hands as to who else fails the aerobics classes - there were a few in agreement... LOL! Something which I absolutely LOVED about this day was that I could do the sprints and sprint as fast as I could and I was not first!! I find in the classes at the gym with the sprints that I tend to hold back and just come level with whoever is second. I seriously enjoyed having people to chase who were hard to beat!!

The start of the 1km sprint.

The end of the 1km sprint!
Yes, I am aware of the fact
that I look like I am sbout
to keel over... LOL! BUT - 4:27!!!

The 1km time trial sprint which we did at the beginning was awesome - I was definitely in the first half (of our group of 25) to cross the line... My time was 4:27!!! Bahahahaha!! WOO HOO!! That's what happens when Mish and crew stand at the finish line yelling at me... LOL!


Mish was definitely the hardest out of the 3. Oh my goodness. In a group situation I have never had an "am I going to make it" moment. Yes, I have had a couple of them in PT when it's one on one - but not in a group!! It was non-stop, no rests, no STOPPING -


Sprints + Burpees,

Sprints + Jump Squats,

Towel Pulls up and back.

Mountain climbers + Plyrometric lunges + Ice skaters + Mountain climbers + Jump squats + Mountain climbers + Tuck jumps + Mountain climbers

Jump squats for about a kilometer (nah - probably only 500 meters) LOL!

She had some terrific reverse psychology happening... Right about when I was having my "am I going to make it" moment she started saying "C'mon advanced group... You want to give up?? GIVE UP!! Go on - I want to break you!!" Well - there was NO WAY that was happening!! Vomit or no vomit...

All the people in that group were so encouraging... I remember during the sprint + burpee exercise turning to someone and saying something to the effect of "C'mon - we can do this!!" (Both sprints and burpees I really like doing). Then during the jump squats across the field and back I was seriously struggling... (All you have to do is say jump squats and I sink into the floor). It was yet another "am I going to make it" moment. Talia came up bouncing up behind me and said something like "I've got you.." and we pretty much finished it bouncing along side by side... was an incredibly encouraging moment - But so typical of the day.... Some amazing people.

An awesome quote of the morning was when someone turned and said to me, "Good, at least I am not the only person who looks like they want to vomit!" Bahahaha!! I didn't know what they meant till I saw a photo!! How funny - I seriously DO look like I want to chuck... Hehehe... Apparently there was a prize for the first person to vomit... Not sure if anyone actually got to take that one home though!! LOL!


The S.A.S army guys were fun in a boot camp'ish sort of way. They did the usual boot camp thing of punishing the group when ever you took slightly too long or mis-counted something. I swear we were on time - but they said we took to long to have a drink (mind you it was something ridiculous like 40 seconds or something)... So down we went into push up position: They would say "Lower / Raise" - in their own time of course, and let me say sometimes they would seem to get a little stuck when it came to 'lower' and we were stuck in that position forever!! When they said 'raise', we would have to shout out the number we were up too... LOL! That was a little problem in that you actually need to breath to shout!!

They did another cool drill where you run around in a circle and they would yell out a body part. That body part had to touch the ground as quickly as possible and then you had to run in the opposite direction. Right ear was interesting, as was the back of your head or your butt cheeks.... Getting down to the ground, aiming for the right body part on the right side of your body, then jumping up and changing directing was challenging for someone as un-coordinated as me! But it was FUN!

There was also the boot camp style: here is a big rope attached to a MASSIVE tyre with people on it... just PULL IT a few hundred meters!!

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