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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Body has cracked it.

Well, my body has finally cracked it!! I have not been sick all year - until now... LOL! It certainly put up with a lot before it caved... The weekly gym work-outs, followed by a 6 hour boot camp on sat and 10km run on sun has tipped it over the edge!! Hehehehe.... And I am happy to listen to my body, had a rest day today!!

In the past people have talked to me about over training etc.... I did not think I was excessive. But, I still had a think and asked a few people's advice. I sent Mish an email and asked her opinion, to which she replied and said she thought what I was doing was fine. I spoke to my doctor and she was not too concerned. I was fit and healthy and still improving in numbers etc... (one of the signs of over-training is that you start going backwards in what you can do fitness wise). And I met with a PT at the gym and cut a few things out and changed some stuff around...

However, last week was a huge (not normal) week and not surprisingly my body has packed it in... LOL!!  I am impressed with how much it puts up with before cracking it!! Thankfully, it's not too bad.. just an eye infection.. I usually get these when I am run down though. So, a good warning and I am happy it's nothing more serious!!

I am trying to rest a little and get it well enough for the final blast of the 12WBT which involves training with Mish on sat and Emazon on sun in Sydney... And then I will be having a good few days off!!! YAY!! I am going away for a few days on holidays with the family - and planning on having a good rest from exercise... When I come back I can get stuck back into a NORMAL amount of training... as opposed to INSANE!! Hahahaha!!!

C'mon body - Just a few more days - you can do it!!

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