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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dexa scan - SO COOL!

Despite the fact I have lost 44kg I STILL see fat on my body. I have only just made it into the "healthy weight range" BMI - so don't go thinking I'm getting obsessed or paranoid or whatever!! One of the ladies at my gym told me about the dexa scan. These scan's measure fat mass, bone mass, and lean (muscle) mass. It's HEAPS more accurate than the BMI because it takes into consideration how much of you is muscle - which actually weighs more than fat!! Also, because I have lost the weight fairly quickly, I still have some loose skin - which I was wondering if it was fat (if it was fat then I could get rid of it!!)
Apoligise in advance for the pictures... had to scan them in and just am not that computer literate!

Anyway, so I went and got the scan done! It was a little embarrassing because the guy was quite impressed. I couldn't believe what the machine could work out through the scan - Amazing!!
The photo below really is NOT the most flattering photo! HAHAHA.... The red is the muscle and the yellow is the fat. Basically, everyone has a layer of fat over their muscle - but only a small amount. So, my hips there is a little bit and just under my arms!! If you click on it - it should come up larger.

My fat-free mass (muscle): This is the embarasing part! I am in the top 1% of people my age, sex and size for the muscle mass... Basically - I have a lot of muscle!! BAhahaha!! I only do weights twice a week so I not sure how this happens!! LOL! Click on the image to make it bigger.

My fat mass: The ideal amount of kilo's I should have in fat is between 13.1kg - 18.4kg. I have 14.33 - YAY!! Closer to the bottom than the top which is good! LOL! Apparently athlete's have below 13.1. The guy said he see's footballers who usually try and sit around 10. So, if I ever decide to run a marathon I could go a little lower but 14.33 is pretty good!! WOO!! Click on the image to make it bigger.

My body fat percentage is 22.6%. Between 21-33% is healthy. Cool!! This is very exciting!!

The machine was pretty amazing. For example, it calculated that my left leg has 6833.2g muscle but my right leg has 7450g muscle!! Since I hurt my knee a while ago my left leg has been weaker than my right!!

Anyway - well worth getting people!! The place where I went had the first scan for free too!! And it is SO good to know, that even though I am at the higher end of the healthy BMI - it's because I have too much muscle, not because I need to lose more fat!! YAY!

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